Albania & The Moon, out now on Amazon, is a collection of 21 short stories accompanied by 13 Adrian McMurchie illustrations. It is hard-hitting, yet poetic, urban fiction laced with dark humour and wry social observation. A vivid cast of characters come alive in tales of lives on the margins, from the frustrated and disaffected of London flatshares and dead-end Glasgow factory jobs to the highs of clubland and football miracles; from demented dogs, courtroom shenanigans and underground nutjobs to doorstep murder, tequila-snorting romances and bittersweet homecomings. Visit facebook and twitter for updates. Thank you for your support. Enjoy!

“Tantalising and well-honed, Albania & The Moon by Jimmy Wilde is reminiscent of the determinedly fixated characters of Murphy-era Beckett, struggling for space and struggling to fit in a world where everybody is on the move but not necessarily going forward. Amidst the Kelman-esque defiance, there’s a fine range of work with some of the shorter pieces, Lights Out, Curtains, Dots and Bitten By Nostalgia poetry in all but line-breaks and, as such, as good as anything I’ve read in recent years.” Gordon Legge

"Jimmy Wilde’s writing is as crisp as Raymond Carver’s..." Des Dillon

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Title Story

Albania & The Moon

They weren’t there. There was supposed to be 10 to 15 of them, a dozen at least, but here he was, on his own. The place was chock-a-block too. How come they weren’t there? The sweat was dripping off him. He wasn’t well. Not that there was anything wrong with him, but he wasn’t well.He gulped at the pint. He didn’t want it now, though. What he should have done was take another walk around the place and, if they still weren’t there, he could have nipped out for a bit of fresh air. The wind, a calming influence. Just stand there and let it blow right through you. Cleanse the bones and clear the brains and, while it’s at it, give the heart and soul a tickle too. Because this shell of his, it was carting around that much rubbish. Even if he tried to tell you, to let you into the crazy world of Danny Rumble, he would…
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Front Cover

Photography - Albania & The Moon Front Cover

Albania & The Moon Front Cover

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Short Stories

Doctor Strange Glove

If it was a weekday, he was going to phone in sick. Joe sat up and rubbed his eye with the heel of his hand. Immediately, he forgot what he’d been thinking of, swung his legs out of the be…
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The World Turned Upside Down

I take my place at the end of a row of seats, using my jumper as a pillow against the Perspex divider and prepare to watch the show. The Northern Line, a tableau of freaks, weirdos and preternatu…
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Small Mercies

He was still new, Jamesie, a bit unsure, sitting on the bench with the rest of them waiting for the pips. They kicked their heels and double-dragged their cigarettes, the initial banter reduced to a f…
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